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The Ransom Drop Media Articles

Below are a selection of The Ransom Drop media articles written by third party media organisations and websites.

Maritime Executive Article with Rob Phayre
Maritime Executive Article with Rob Phayre- Author of The Ransom Drop

Following an interview with The Maritime Executive, Rob Phayre discusses his former career delivering ransoms to Somali Pirates. The revelations here are some of the key themes for The Ransom Drop novel.

Published 27/08/2021 by The Maritime Executive. Image and article text copyright

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Future Of the Ocean discusses with Rob Phayre the Author of The Ransom Drop

An interview with Future Of The Ocean and Rob Phayre where Rob discusses his early career and gives his opinion on the payment of ransoms.

Published 29/08/2021 by FutureOfTheOcean. Article text copyright

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