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The Ransom Drop

By Rob Phayre

The Ransom Drop is an award winning Somali piracy action thriller written by Rob Phayre, the guy who delivered some of the largest ransoms ever paid at sea.

When an oil tanker is hijacked by a novice band of Somali pirates, It’s a near impossible problem to solve in one of the most remote and dangerous places on earth.
A team of negotiators, security and maritime experts are called in with one job to do, save the lives of the crew. Can this ‘A-team’ of experts do so? Can they prevent a massive environmental disaster, rescue the ship and its hundred million dollar cargo? There are reputations to be made, or lost…

The Ransom Drop, a true to real life, military suspense thriller, that reveals the secrets behind the resolution of Somali piracy. It’s factually correct, fictionally fantastic, and written by the guy who delivered some of the largest ransoms ever paid at sea.

The Ransom Drop

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The Ransom Drop by Rob Phayre

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Reviews and Awards

For The Ransom Drop

The Ransom Drop has received 5 star reviews from many different independent and unbiased review organisations including;

The author Rob Phayre, also won the Best New Author 2021 global award from Audiobook Review.

If you enjoyed the movie Captain Phillips, you’re going to love The Ransom Drop.

Readers Favourite
  • It’s a cutting-edge work of fiction.
  • If you like high stakes and rescue scenarios, you will become an instant fan of Rob Phayre and The Ransom Drop.
  • Fans of military and black-ops thrillers will find themselves thoroughly engaged.
  • The Ransom Drop is a quality read.
  • The novel is ready-made for the screen.
  • An enthralling page-turner.
  • A promising start to a complex new conspiracy thriller series.

Phayre is an author to watch.

Prairies Book Review

The Ransom Drop Bonus Materials

The Ransom Drop
Ransom on board a ship

See photographs, resources and read real life stories about maritime piracy incidents which help bring The Ransom Drop to life.

The bonus materials include;

1. Photos from previous hostage resolution projects.

2. An example of the briefing notes used during a real life project, with the actual details of the mission briefing for the fictional drop conducted in novel. – Spoiler Alert! Don’t read this if you have not yet read the book!

3. Articles written after interviews with hostages who were held by Somali pirates and then released after a ransom was paid.

4. Links to the social media profiles of one of the leading seafarers charities.

About Rob Phayre The Author of The Response Files

Rob started his career as a military helicopter pilot. Aged 30, he moved to Africa for 2 years, working as a security and crisis manager. 18 years later and he is still there.

Rob has led projects all around the world. From the ice and snow above the arctic circle to the deserts in the Sahara. From the jungles in Africa to the rippling waves of the Indian Oceans.

Robs experience in so many places with so many fascinating characters doing such daring deeds makes him the ideal author of The Response Files.

You can see more books in The Response File series and learn more about Rob Phayre on his author pages.

Alternatively, you can ask Rob questions, feedback, or follow him for new releases on GoodReads

The Ransom Drop is fictional story based on the real life experiences of Rob Phayre and a number of other experts in maritime security, hostage negotiation and diplomacy.

Places, characters or procedures mentioned on these pages or in The Ransom Drop novel are entirely fictional. Any similarity is unintended and entirely coincidental.