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The Ransom Drop Reviews

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 as of December 2021 for The Ransom Drop by Rob Phayre

Reviews and Awards For The Ransom Drop

The Ransom Drop has received 5 star reviews from many different independent and unbiased review organisations including;

The author Rob Phayre, also won the Best New Author 2021 global award from Audiobook Review.

If you enjoyed the movie Captain Phillips, you’re going to love The Ransom Drop.

Readers Favourite
  • It’s a cutting-edge work of fiction.
  • If you like high stakes and rescue scenarios, you will become an instant fan of Rob Phayre and The Ransom Drop.
  • Fans of military and black-ops thrillers will find themselves thoroughly engaged.
  • The Ransom Drop is a quality read.
  • The novel is ready-made for the screen.
  • An enthralling page-turner.
  • A promising start to a complex new conspiracy thriller series.

Phayre is an author to watch.

Prairies Book Review

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Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite – 5 Star

The Ransom Drop is a work of fiction in the military genre and is the first instalment in The Response Files series. It is aimed at the mature adult reading audience and was penned by author Robert Phayre. The book tells the story of a hijacking performed by inexperienced Somali pirates and the ensuing rescue attempt undertaken by a crack team of experts from multiple fields. With only one objective in their sights, the team must race against time to save the crew and prevent a disaster with international implications.

There is an authenticity to writing thrillers about hostage negotiations that can only come from lived experience, and Robert Phayre fully utilizes his experience as well as his skills as a writer of prose to create an edge of your seat tension that veers away from Hollywood and into the real world of hostage takers and those who try to negotiate with them. Each of the characters that form the dream team of hostage rescue is thoroughly grounded in the real world, and all of them contribute to an exciting and dynamic story filled with twists and turns. The Ransom Drop will stay in your mind when you try to put it down between chapters as your imagination starts to play out what might happen next, only to pick the book back up again and have it blow those predictions out of the water. An absolutely essential read for fans of thrillers and military fiction.

Bookview review – 5 star

Phayre kicks start his The Response Files series with this well-researched thriller set on one of the world’s most dangerous stages. When an oil tanker is hijacked by a novice band of Somali pirates, it seems an almost impossible problem to solve, partially due to the fact that the negotiations will take place in one of the most remote and dangerous places on earth. As the authorities race to scramble together a team of negotiators, security, and maritime experts, the crew of the ship struggle to stay alive. The expert team must hurry if they want to avert an environmental catastrophe.

Phayre’s plotting is tight as he provides an absorbing account of the clockwork moves and last-minute decisions required to make the necessary negotiations while closing in on and destroying the enemy. Strong descriptions of the remote and dangerous landscape add to the book’s appeal. The action is tense and the characters layered. The plot moves at a riveting pace, and fans of conspiracy fiction, particularly military and black-ops thrillers will find themselves thoroughly engaged with all the treacherous political and interpersonal manoeuvrings. Inspired by his own experience with ransom drops and negotiations with real-life pirates, the novel is ready-made for the screen.  A promising start to a complex new conspiracy thriller series.

Prairies Book Review – 5 Star

A highly readable and intelligent thriller…

Phayre utilizes his experience with ransom drops and real-life pirates to craft a well-paced thriller, setting his promising new series in motion. When a novice band of Somali pirates steals an oil tanker, a team of experts, including negotiators, security, and maritime experts comes in to locate and recover the tanker. With the crew’s lives at stake and a massive environmental disaster looming in, the team must do everything in their power to make their mission successful. But things are not as easy as they seem on the surface. Phayre certainly knows his way around ransom drops and dealings with modern-day pirates and parlays this knowledge into an enthralling page-turner.

There are fast-paced plot twists, nifty negotiations, and relentless political intrigue as he piles on the setting, surprises, and details. The intriguing premise is absorbing, and the expert plotting and execution keep the readers turning pages fast. Scares, negotiations, plot, and counterplot—things get complicated, with Phayre throwing in surprises, one after another. Abdi and Zahi remain the prime movers, and the array of secondary characters are thoroughly sketched out. Phayre knows how to spring a surprise: he takes time out to explain the nitty gritty of the modern-day pirate manoeuvres, but he does so without slowing the pacing or losing the momentum. The result is a taut, compulsively readable tale that is well suited to the lovers of swiftly moving military thrillers. Phayre is an author to watch.

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